"Stop the Pain! Let Me Get on With My Life"



Then I learned to take control and how to cure my endometriosis naturally.


No shots, no surgery; just natural remedies, diet and nutrition.



Michelle infoHello, I am Michelle Clark.


If you have endometriosis pain, cysts or fibroids, I want to help you.


For years I lived with undiagnosed endometriosis cysts, back pain and debilitating periods.


Crazy hormonal imbalances caused my emotions to be out of control. I was crying everyday. My relationships were stressed-out, I had to quit my job. No doctors had any answers, my friends and family did not know what to do. I had no diagnosis, but plenty of advice, like this:  



 Doctor's Endo Solutions    My Answers 
  "It might go away after you  go through menopause"   

Great. ('til then - Do you have a gun?)

 "Its all in your head. You're (pick one):

  1. Depressed 
  2. Bi-polar 
  3. Acting out"                  
 Gee... thanks... (for nothing!)

 "You should get:

  1. Counseling 
  2. Drugs  
  3. Just give up, we can't help."   

(Do you want me to jump in the lake with you - or would you prefer to go by yourself?!?!?) 

 "Pregnancy cures it"   

Interesting. (So let me get this straight - I'm sick because I'm NOT pregnant?)  

  "Get a hysterectomy"    

Let me think this through. (You want me to get rid of my uterus and that will solve my female problems?) 



Endometriosis Pain Explosion


All of that important "advice" I still had no diagnosis. And pain just got worse with each passing month. One month I was in total agony for 5 straight days. When my fever hit 102 my husband rushed me to the hospital. They put me on morphine and antibiotics for a week (even "home shopping network" looks good on morphine...) After a laparoscopy I was told I could go home. With a bottle full of antibiotics, pain killers, a huge bill and the news that I was "probably infertile" I was sent home.


"Any hope or advice for recovery?" I asked. Hey "everyone knows there's no cure for endometriosis."


How I Kicked Endo Butt...


First off, I got pretty mad. (Hey, better angry than apathetic and if you disagree... get out.) It is my firm belief that if you are pissed off about this situation - you are damn right! You should be! No one should have to accept the news that she "can't get well!" You will be happy to learn there REALLY IS SOMETHING you should be mad about. The medical doctors will be relieved to find its NOT them! And your family may relax because you will no longer be classified as a dangerous weapon.


Instead of giving in to the B.S., I propped my computer on the bed and started working. At the time I was working as a writer for a small health magazine. As I was interviewing the most cutting-edge nutritionists, chiropractors, naturopaths and medical doctors in the country for my articles... something amazing happened...


I found out WHY I had become ill and how to get control of my health again.


It took hundreds of hours of research to discover the cause for endometriosis and isolate the methods to handle it. As I applied what I'd learned, each month the pain lessened. I began counting down the "days of pain" during each month: 20 days of pain in the first month, then 15 in the next, then 10, 9, 7, 5 -- 4, 3, 2, 1 - and finally after nearly a year - no pain on any day!


I thank God for the lessons I learned from real doctors who heal real people and I pray that you will take the time to get this information and use it to save yourself.


For example, here's what you'll learn when you read "Stop the Pain" -

  •   The nutritional deficiencies directly related to endo pain 
  •   How to get immediate, natural relief   
  •   Cause of reproductive system diseases including endo, fibroids and cysts 
  •   An Endometriosis diet that will help you heal your pain
  •   2 things you need to assist you in resolving any disease 
  •   Superfood that gets rid of fibroids 

Even though I studied some incredible information, NO ONE had a complete nutritional program or endometriosis diet based on the real cause of the disease! No one had an inexpensive cure.

When I discovered that there were so many women suffering debilitating pain from endo, I wrote the book, Stop the Pain and Get On With Your Life, to put my friends - like you - in control!



"I just can't tell you how good I feel! I feel so good! I have only been doing what you recommend in your book for a week! I had no answers and could not find a solution. Until I read your book I didn't know what was going on. Now after doing all of these things I feel great! I feel like crying its so wonderful. I have never run across this information before though I have looked and I have tried. It completely answers what I feel was going on with me! I have even lost five pounds in one week! It is such a relief! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all up - you really had a problem you had a solution for - thank you!

 C.C. K.



 Stop The Pain cover Stop The Pain! And Get On With Your Life! includes everything I learned that made me well and keeps me well today.


You deserve the chance to live without the pain. You deserve to get on with enjoying your life. And you can!



"My life has gone from being completely out of control to being fully under my own control. My emotions are managable because I am not in pain! I can think and I can create my life again! This has been a journey of self discovery and making a totally new better and more fulfilling life for me. Thank you for the hope, the truth and the inspiration of Stop the Pain! It has changed my life!"

There is one single thing that is causing your hormonal imbalances and wrecking your life. Until you can spot it and avoid it, you will continue to be ill. Find out about it and find out how to enjoy life again. That is my wish for you.

WARNING:  If you are searching for help with endometriosis,you'll be bombarded with websites trying to sell you something: a shot, a pill, a vitamin or something else. Believe me, you need nutrition! But before you go spending money all over the place, please! get the information in this book. I've become well without spending any more than I would normally spend on groceries - you can too! Get the true information from someone who just wants you to know the facts so you can decide for yourself! 


"Michelle thank you for your book - WOW! It's simple! I have chronic fatigue which has variously been diagnosed as allergies, hypo-thyroid, pancreatitis and liver dysfunction.

"Even slight exercise can leave me in pain throughout my body and I gain weight just by looking at food.

"I have just started to apply the data in your book to my own situation and I am already getting results. The actions so far have made a HUGE difference in the way that I feel and even in the way that I walk!

"I am happier, have less pain and better posture. My energy is coming back slowly but IT IS coming back! And now I can actually make a plan to handle my physical condition without paying an arm and a leg for the professional opinions!

"Thanks again!"




 If you have lived through surgeries to remove endo, you know - NO doctor can promise that it won’t come back. Now you need to know WHY so you can prevent endo from ever coming back.


Find out WHY you are in pain so you can make the most sensible choices for your treatment.  I used only these methods. You may choose to use these combined with others. Here's the point: when you have the knowledge - you can be certain you have made the right choice for your treatment.


Take advantage of this wealth of advice I have carefully composed for you.  Use it as the springboard for your recovery program no matter what type of treatment you decide to use. 


You need REAL help


I have read the blogs, the forums, the websites.  I know that many of you have gone through experiences of tremendous pain and suffering - your stories had me in tears.  All have brought me to writing this book.


It is my hope that it will begin a chain of healing, starting with you.  Even though I have not met you, I would like to; and I cannot imagine allowing a friend like you to go on without this information.



Wow, you have done an incredible amount of research. It really clears up a number of questions I had - really huge for me. It is phenomenal how much false information there is and how it is everywhere and influencing your life in what you eat, wear, what you put on your hair and more. I had a feeling something was wrong but I did not know exactly what it was or how to explain it. The book cleared that all up for me, thank you so much.


    Get the book today!


Stop the Pain and Get On With Your Life is worth far more to your life than $12.95. Here is what it is really worth:  

  • Your time - you will get hundreds of hours back into your life that you never had because you won't be in pain. 
  • Your friendships and your family. You'll feel better so you can enjoy yourself! 
  • Your creativity! Your ability to concentrate! 
  • Energy - To get things done! 

What's all that worth? A lot more than $12.95 - that's for sure!  Your happiness and peace of mind are priceless!

Remember, I did my own research, so I know what is available for "help" out there: you have a few books, some herbs and drugs and some very expensive surgery!

"Your book has made it realistic for me to apply these answers to my life. Unlike the many other doctors I have seen or worked with this is very realistic. Also, its really a girl thing; I don't know how to explain but male doctors don't usually understand. Even women doctors I have had - only a couple I have seen really understand."

"You have practical ways to create good health without a need for 50 million supplements for every single part of your body. The discoveries you have under the chapter "Dynamic Duo" are what I believe has been missing in my life. It's something that no doctor has recommended and which can make the most difference for me. Thank you!!!"


What is different about the solution I am offering you?

  • It's written by someone who has survived it, fought back and won! (me!) 
  • I'm not pushing a "cure-all" drug medication or herb; (I wish it were that easy!) 
  • I am not promoting synthetic hormones that you should buy. 
  • I am not promoting surgery (I am not "for or against" it) 
  • In fact, I am not trying to "sell you" anything but to provide you with knowledge you need to be healthy and live well whether you do surgery or not! 
  • Because you will learn how to "tackle endometriosis at it's source"!
    What I advise works!

Start feeling better today - now.


And you have my personal guarantee that as you take these steps you will feel better and better as you move toward your goal of getting well. If it doesn't work for you, you can write me and your money will be promptly returned.


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 "Stop The Pain! And Get On With Your Life!"


Get Your Copy NOW!





You deserve the blessing of good health. It is your God given right. 


Let's end the pain for good and put you on your way to the abundant health that you deserve!


Read on! Enjoy this blessing or, as many would say, this miracle, that has come to you in the form of this book.


I look forward to hearing of your successes!


With great Love and Joy,

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  Michelle Clark




“You deserve for the pain to come to an end...


You deserve to enjoy life fully again!”





P.S. Take this small step toward the endo-free life. You'll feel better. There's NOTHING more important than you, your health and your well-being. This book will help you!

P.P.S. If you really do not find here information composed in such a way as to help you, you know you can always ask me for your money back within 30 days and I will give it. (I have no interest in having your money other than for something you consider valuable.)

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